European Deliberations on ITER

The King Panel

  • The Mission of the King Panel is: "Analyse the two sites proposed in Europe for ITER, Cadarache (F) and Vandellos (E), with a view to report to the Commission on maximising the possibilities that ITER is based in Europe."
  • The King Panel has the following members:
  • The French and Spanish proponents testified before the King Panel on the 9th of July, with a second (smaller) session on 18th of July. The King Panel is supposed to make its report available to the European Commission before the end of July.
  • The Council of Research Ministers will meet on September 23 to consider the King Panel Report.
  • The Science Ministers of the ITER Partners will meet on October 9, 2003 in Vienna to consider the site proposals for ITER, cost sharing proposals and personell.