RING OF FIRE NGC 3132 Can We "Bring a Star to Earth?"

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November 19-21, 2003

Updated April 22, 2004

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Washington Perspective


Burning Plasma Physics and Magnetic Fusion

Burning Plasma Physics and Inertial Fusion

Fusion Program Overview and Innovative Concepts and Applications

Ring of FIRE, NGC 3132, also called the Eight-Burst Nebula or Southern Ring Nebula, is a glowing ring of gas formed from the outer layers of a sun-like star that experienced a cataclysmic explosion. In this color-enhanced Hubble Space Telescope image, blue corresponds with the hottest gases, red with the coolest. The star responsible for this odd structure about 2,000 light-years away is not the bright one in the middle, but a very faint one just above it.

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