EAST 1st Plasma Highlight for 21st IAEA FEC Meeting in Chengdu, China

21st IAEA Fusion Energy Conference

Chengdu, China

October 16-22, 2006

Updated February 13, 2007

Many of the presentations have been collected and are posted below. These represent work in progress and should not be quoted without permission from the author. Questions should be directed to the authors. Authors wishing to have their presentations posted should email them to the webmaster. The oral presentations will also be posted on the web by the meeting organizers.

Opening Session

OV/1 - Overview of Magnetic Fusion

EX/1 Advanced Scenarios in Magnetic Fusion


OV/2 Overview of Magnetic Fusion

OV/3 Overview of Magnetic Fusion

OV/5 Overview of Inertial Fusion Reactors and Technology

P1 Advanced Scenarios and ITER

FT-1 Fusion Technology

IT/E ITER Evening Session

FT/2 New Machines

IT/2 ITER Systems

IAEA Conference Summary Talks

Next IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (50 years after Geneva 1958) will be in Geneva, Switzerland, October 13-18, 2008

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