IEA 59 Workshop

Shape and Aspect Ratio Optimization for a High Beta, Steady-State Tokamak

General Atomics

February 14-15, 2005

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SCOPE of Workshop

Steady-state operation with high beta and high bootstrap current fraction is required in future tokamak DEMO reactor. Many present tokamaks are addressing such operation for ITER and DEMO. Shape and aspect ratio is particularly important for achieving high beta and also for the optimization of edge stability and edge pedestal performance. Therefore, this workshop will address shape and aspect ratio optimization of high-beta steady-state tokamak including DEMO concept, stability and CD assessment of such operation, and the design of future tokamak devices addressing such experiments. The workshop will focus on tokamaks, including low aspect ratio, but will not address other steady state magnetic configurations.

This workshop is organized under the auspices of the IEA Large Tokamak Agreement. Workshop presentations will also on the IEA Large Tokamak web page.


Monday February 14,

Tuesday February 15

References and other Papers on Optimization of High-b Steady-State Tokamaks

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