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Charge to FESAC and Interim Report
  • The Fusion Energy Science Advisory Committee (FESAC) has been charged to review the development path of fusion and to comment on the practibility of producing fusion electricity on the grid in 35 years.
  • A Preliminary Report describing a 35 Year Plan to Develop fusion was presented at the November 25 meeting of FESAC. FESAC endorsed the Preliminary Report and forwarded it to Dr. Ray Orbach, Director of the Office of Science. November 27, 2002.
  • Fusion Development Path Panel - Presentation to FESAC, Rob Goldston. (450 kb, pdf), or 4 MB, ppt
  • Fusion Development Path Panel - Final Report endorsed by FESAC (1 Mb, pdf),
  • FESAC Letter to Orbach on Development Path. (32 kB, pdf)

  • Previous Development Paths from the FIRE Library
  • U.S. Plan to Develop Fusion - 1976 , Vol I (3.2 MB, pdf)
  • Fusion Energy Act of 1980 (408 kB,pdf)
  • US MFE Plan -1985 (1 MB,pdf0
  • US Community Leaders Development Plan (Multi-Machine) - 1990 1.1 MB, 2- page Summary Handout (156 kB,pdf)
  • FPAC - 1990 5.5 MB, Endorsement of MFE Plan
  • Collaborative Next Step Program P. H. Rebut (620 kB,pdf) 1992
  • ITER Research Program (Multi-Machine) L. J. Perkins (172 kB,pdf) 1992
  • Parallel Path Scenario from Mar 1992 FEAC Panel Report (572 kB, pdf)
  • US Industry Proposal (Multi-Machine) (1.4 MB,pdf) 1993
  • Fusion Development Paths S. O. Dean(540 kB,pdf) 1993
  • US Lab Directors Modular Strategy (668 kB, pdf)
  • SWG Task 2 US Position 1998, (76 kB, pdf)

    Public Session Workshop, January 13-14, 2003, General Atomics, San Diego, CA
    Reports are placed here to facilitate discussion, and as such represent work in progress.
  • Ray Orbach decribed the Status of Discussions on fusion including - The FESAC 35 Year Preliminary report , the DOE Assessement of the Cost of ITER , OSTP input to the NRC , Interim National Research Council Report and the Fusion Simulation Project Report.
  • Heavy Ion Fusion Development Path , Grant Logan
  • The Z-Pinch Path to Fusion Energy, Craig Olson
  • Liquid Walls for Fusion Systems Per Peterson
  • Tokamak Development Path Ron Stambaugh
  • Compact Stellarator Development Path Hutch Neilson
  • Reversed Field Pinch Development Path Stewart Prager
  • Spherical Torus Development Path Masa Ono
  • Concept Exploration Development Path , Bick Hooper, White Paper on The Path to Fusion Energy for Concepts Currently at the Concept Exploration Level , submitted to Panel, Bick Hooper
  • Laser Fusion Development Path , John Sethian
  • Fast Ignition Development Path , Michael Campbell
  • Magnetized Target Fusion Development Path , Glen Wurden
  • Tritium Technology Development Path , Scott Willms
  • International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility -Overview , John Rathke
  • Gas-Dynamic-Trap Based Neutron Source , Dimitri Ryutov
  • On the New Way of Nuclear Fusion Research Y. Kamada
  • On-going Discussions for Acceleration of Fusion Development in Japan, M. Kikuchi
  • High Field Approach to DEMO Miklos Porkolab
  • Plasma Facing Component Development Mike Ulrickson
  • Multi-Machine Development Path , Gerald Navratil
  • Development Path Metrics , Dale Meade also handout of A Diversified International Portfolio Based on FIRE see Orlando Session below.

  • Public Input Session, November 15, 2002, APS DPP meeting, Orlando, FL
  • Axioms in Formulating an Interim Response Gerald Navratil Public Comment to the FESAC Development Path panel on November 15, 2002.
  • A Diversified International Portfolio Based on FIRE Dale Meade. An update to the Public Comment to the FESAC Development Path Panel on November 15, 2002 and presented as a poster at the APS-DPP in Orlando, FL on November 14, 2002. November 24,2002.

  • Closed FESAC Panel Meeting, October 28-30, 2002, LLNL, Livermore, CA
  • Draft Agenda
  • Structural Materials Development for MFE and IFE, Steve Zinkle
  • On Fusion Nuclear Technology Development Requirements and the Role of CTF toward DEMO, Mohamed Abdou and Michael Ulrickson
  • Options for a Component Test Facility (ST, Tokamak, GDT), Martin Peng
  • ,First Dry Wall for IFE, Lance Snead
  • Licensing Qualification Issues for the Fusion Component Technology Facility (CTF) and DEMODavid Petti
  • IFE Chamber Development - To ETF and Beyond , Wayne Meier
  • The EU Development path - Karl Lackner
  • Recent Considerations on the Fast Track Fusion Development Path in Japan , Teruo Tamano
  • Early Realization of Fusion Electricity Target and Path , Kunihiko Okano

  • International (EU, JA,US) Discussion on Development Path, October 18, 2002, IAEA, Lyon, FR
  • Presentations unavailable

    Closed FESAC Panel Meeting, October 3-4, 2002, PPPL, Princeton, NJ
  • Presentations unavailable
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