FIRE Workshop Results

Updated May 12, 2000


We are posting background material, the presentations and results of the FIRE Physics Workshop 2000 on this page. This material will be updated as required. Please send suggestions for information or you contribution for posting as an email attachment to Dale Meade. Additional background material on the FIRE Physics Program and Engineering Design, burning plasma experiments and fusion can be found at the FIRE home page.

FIRE Status and Issues Session

  • Fusion Ignition Research Experiment (FIRE) Dale Meade (1.2MB, pdf) May, 2000
  • FIRE Engineering Status Summary Dick Thome (720kB, pdf) April, 2000

    Recent Results from C-Mod and DIII-D Session

  • Enhanced Performance in Alcator C-Mod Joe Snipes (1.8 MB, pdf) April, 2000
  • Recent Results from DIII-D Pertaining to FIRE C. Craig Petty (9.3 MB, pdf) April, 2000

    Divertor and PFC Status and Issues Session

  • Plasma Power Handling Parameters and Issues Mike Ulrickson (855kB, pdf) April, 2000
  • FIRE Divertor-Plasma Simulations with UEDGE Tom Rognlien and M. E. Rensink (66kB, pdf) April, 2000
  • FIRE Erosion /Deposition Modeling Jeff Brooks (99kB, pdf) April, 2000
  • Impurity Seeding Scenarios for FIRE John Mandrekas (28kB, pdf) April, 2000

    Disruption Requirements and Issues Session

  • Characterization of Disruptions and Disruption-Related Effects for FIRE John Wesley et al (550kB, pdf) February 2000
  • Disruption, VDE and Runaway Electron Conversion: Physics Basis and Issues for FIRE John Wesley (220 kB, pdf) April 2000
  • Disruption Neutral Point, Is it Relevant for C-Mod?, Is it Relevant for FIRE? Bob Granetz (580kB, pdf) April 2000
  • Progress on Disruption Simulations for FIRE Chuck Kessel (1 MB, pdf) March 2000
  • Effects of Plasma Instabilities on Tungsten Divertor Plate Ahmed Hassaanein (127kB, pdf) April 2000
  • Disruption Effects on FIRE PFCs Mike Ulrickson (350KB pdf) March 2000

    Confinement Status and Issues Session

  • Physics of Burning Plasmas, Physics Inaccessible to Present Facilities F. Perkins (30 kB pdf) April 200
  • Confinement Issues and update Nermin Uckan (39 kB pdf) April 2000
  • High Field Tokamaks for Burning Plasma Experiments Ernesto Mazzucato (817 kB pdf) April 2000
  • Predicting Performance in Ignition Experiments using Transport Simulation Linda Sugiyama (180 kB pdf) April 2000
  • Potential Methods for Improving Pedestal Temperatures and Fusion Performance Greg Hammett (87kB pdf) April 2000
  • Burning Plasma Issues Illustrated by FIRE Simulations Wayne Houlberg (92 kB pdf) April 2000
  • Predictive Transport Simulations of FIRE Arnold Kritz and the Lehigh Group (208 kB pdf) April 2000

    Stability Status and Issues Session

  • MHD Stability Regions for FIRE Steve Jardin (138 kB pdf) April 2000
  • High Bootstrap Current Fraction Scenarios without Conducting Walls J. J. Ramos and P. T. Bonoli (644 kB pdf) April 2000
  • Stability to the External Kink J. Manickam (1 MB pdf) April 2000
  • Neoclassical Tearing Modes in Next Step Option Tokamaks Paul Rutherford (23 kB pdf) April 2000
  • Criteria for Current Drive Stabilization of Neoclassical Tearing Modes F. Perkins (188 kB pdf) April 2000
  • Poloidal Field Design and Plasma Scenarios for FIRE Chuck Kessel (160 kB pdf) October 1999
  • Advanced Tokamak Modes for FIRE Chuck Kessel (41 kB pdf) October 1999

    Burning Plasma Status and Issues Session

  • Discussion of Alpha Particle Physics Issues for AT Burning Plasmas Raffi Nazikian (45 kB pdf) April 2000
  • Alpha Driven Instabilities in FIRE Nikolai Gorelenkov (668 kB pdf) April 2000
  • Snowmass Burning Plasma Physics Working Group Summary Raffi Nazikian, Wayne Houlberg et al (130KB, pdf) September 1999

    Plasma Control, Diagnostics and Operations Session

  • RF Heating Scenarios in FIRE Dick Majeski (183 kB ppt) April 2000
  • Current Drive for FIRE AT Mode T. K. Mau (96 kB ppt) April 2000
  • Sustainment of Rotation Driven by ICRH F. Perkins (283 kB ppt) April 2000
  • Improved Core Fueling with High Field Side Pellet Injection on the DIII-D Tokamak Wayne Houlberg (420 kB pdf) April 2000
  • FIRE Diagnostics Ken Young (144 kB pdf) April 2000
  • Plasma Operation Issues for FIRE John Wesley (15 kB, pdf) April 2000
  • ECH for Preionization Charles Neumeyer (4 kB, pdf) April 2000

    Summary of Critical Issues and Action Session

  • Confinement Paul Rutherford (13 kB pdf) May 2000
  • MHD Stability and Advanced Tokamak Modes Steve Jardin (66 kB pdf) May 2000
  • Plasma Facing Components and Disruptions Mike Ulrickson and John Wesley (63 kB pdf) May 2000
  • Fast Particles Raffi Nazikian (54 kB pdf) May 2000
  • Heating, Current Drive, Operations and Diagnostics Dale Meade (3 kB pdf) May 2000
  • Plans for Follow Up Dale Meade (2 kB pdf) May 2000

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