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Results from the 2002 Fusion Summer Study at Snowmass New July 20, 2002.

Special Information Session, Saturday July 13, 2002 New August 28, 2002.

2002 Snowmass Fusion Summer Study Background and Organization

The Mandate for 2002 Snowmass Fusion Summer Study

Working Group Postings for Snowmass 2002

Energetic Particles

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1999 Snowmass Fusion Summer Study Summary Proceedings and Summary Presentations

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High Energy Physics Snowmass 2001

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FIRE Program Overview

Recent Talks on FIRE

Conference Papers and Publications

FIRE Engineering

FIRE Papers and Presentations (since NSO-PAC1 Meeting July 21, 2000)

FIRE Presentations at the UFA Burning Plasma Science Workshop , December 11 - 13, 2000 at Austin Texas.

FIRE Diagnostics presented by Ken Young ( 548 kB pdf) at the IEA Workshop on Diagnostics for Burning Plasmas Naka, Japan, September 2000 and at KSTAR Diagnostics Meeting, November 16, 2000 KBSI in Taejon, Korea.

42nd meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics combined with the 10th International Congress on Plasma Physics, Quebec City, Canada, October 25, 2000.

ANS 14th Topic Meeting on the Technology of Energy, October 15-19, 2000

Scientific Value of a Burning Plasma Experiment and Scientific Readiness to Proceed

FIRE and the Multi-Machine Strategy

The Secretary of Energy Advisory Board(SEAB) Task Force on Fusion Energy review of the U. S. fusion program noted that "A necessary next major scientific step is the exploration of the physics of a burning plasma. At the present time only the tokamak is sufficiently advanced as to assure the necessary confinement in such an experiment." The National Research Council Assessment of Fusion Science(FuSAC) Interim Report identified several critical unresolved fusion science issues: (1) turbulence and transport, (2) energy density limits and (3) integrated physics of self-heated plasmas. The goal of FIRE is to address the critical scientific issues of a magnetically confined fusion plasma identified by SEAB and FuSAC within the next decade using the most cost-effective approach. Success in FIRE would serve as a "Stepping Stone" to provide the scientific foundation needed for an attractive fusion energy source as envisioned by the Advanced Reactor Innovation Evaluation Study (ARIES) .

Fusion Ignition Research Experiment FIRE on the Mountain , a summary of FIRE written for the Special Snowmass Issue of Comments on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Vol.2(2), pp81-97, 2000 (144 kB, pdf)

Road Map for a Modular Magnetic Fusion Program Modular Road Map Journal of Fusion Energy, Vol. 17, No. 2, p 125 June 2000 (121kB, pdf)

Burning Plasma Science-FESAC Two Pager (65KB, pdf) April, 1999

Burning Plasma Options-FESAC Two Pager (40KB, pdf) April, 1999

Grunder Panel Report to FESAC (25KB, pdf) January, 1998

Modular Strategy July 1998 (90KB, pdf) Excerpt from the Next Step Options Report July 1998

Forum for Major Next-Step Fusion Experiments Summary, (480KB, pdf) Madison, May 1, 1998

Advanced Tokamak Program Plan, Metrics and ARIES Power Plant Designs

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ITER-FEAT Technical Information and the European Fusion Reviews

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IGNITOR Technical Information

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